How to loosen the POWER.XT

Problem: The grease applied by the factory to the axle has washed out.

Remedy: The axis must be re-greased. To do this, dismantle the POWER.XT by following the instructions below:
1. Unbolt the two wood screws (optimally levering PZ1) and take off the black base plate.

2. Hold the axle end with pliers and release M4 Allen.

3. Pull out the axle. The lever, the clamping plate and the roll should be free now.

4. Pull the metal spring out as well.

5. Apply the axle grease. For this we recommend water resistant grease. As a temporary measure, oil, sun cream or cooking oil will be sufficient.

6. To put back together, in this order. Start with the axis, then insert metal spring and then screw in bottom plate.

>> Your POWER.XT should now be running like new.

Wear of the rope

Problem: The wear of the rope depends on the frequency and burden.

Remedy: You can use any 4mm rope. However, we do recommend our Dyneema role as this has a much longer service life. The Dyneema rope is available at your local dealer or directly through NorthSails.

Name: „Full Dyneema rope for POWER.XT 1.8 m“

Slippage of the rope

Problem: Either an old plastic spring is still present or the pressure of the metal spring is too low.

Remedy: In principle all ropes can be used. For the slippage of the rope on the cleat plate only the lack of pressure of the spring is the cause. If using the POWER.XT for a while the plastic spring can loosen the contact pressure, so, to rectify this we will replace all the plastic springs with metal springs for free. If the rope’s metal spring is still slipping though, the spring will dismantle and bend up. A replacement metal spring and base plate can be bought from your local dealer.

Name: „Base plate and spring for POWER.XT“

Replacing the old plastic spring with the new metal one:

  • Unbolt the two wood screws (optimally levering PZ1) and take off the black base plate
  • Pull out the rope entirely
  • Press the metal spring between the clamping plate and mast foot cup with using a screwdriver
  • Screw on the new base plate
  • Use the ratchet to pull in the rope again 

>>The slippage issue is now a thing of the past.

Withdrawing the rope

Problem: More and more of the rope disappears inside the extension. This is due to the fact that during rigging it is pulled in more whilst de-rigging.

Remedy: Pull the rope against the metal spring, which turns it off and releases the rope. The rope can be pulled out.

POWER.XTi: twisted roll blocks for Naish, Gun and Severne Sails

Problem: Roller blocks that are twisted by 90° can only be used with many rope crossings, so trimming the rig with a normal POWER.XT / XTR is not recommended.

Remedy: The POWER.XTi can be used with twisted role blocks. The POWER.XTi axis can also be ordered separately and allows you to build a XTi out of a XT / XTR / XT RDM by exchanging only the axes.

The XTi axis is available at your local dealer or directly at NorthSails.

Name: „XTi axis“