Windsurf Technology since 1981


Innovation follows function

No matter what we develop or test, we always put function over innovation. Of course new ideas are good, but they only make sense when they offer real benefits. At NORTH SAILS we’re 100% practice-oriented. By keeping prototype construction close to our main production site and reducing the chance of human errors, final-finish quality is held as a critical factor. Being ahead of the game is important for us, so we constantly offer revolutionary innovations and inventions.

Red Dot design award for NorthSails

NorthSails convinced the jury of the most famous and toughest international design competition with its outstanding and innovative product design of the new NorthSails iFRONT. In line with the red dot award: product design 2009 the NorthSails iFRONT has been awarded with the high quality seal “red dot” for top design quality by a top-class manned jury.

Designed and engineered in Germany

While the majority of our competitors develop their products in the Far East, we still engineer and design all our hardware products in Germany. Whether it’s for sails or for complex engineering components such as boom front pieces or the POWER.XT series and the SHOX-suspension program – we always look for highly experienced and fully qualified engineers to develop functional and high-quality NorthSails products in cooperation with national partners.

The team

Never change a winning team! Once again, countless top athletes have applied for our team, and we admitted some of the best into our big family, for the World Cup Racers are our driving force and our most important source of innovation. Therefore, we put particular emphasis on continuous communication between them, the engineers and chief designer Kai Hopf. Countless victories and world cup titles confirm our strategy, and are the reward for the hard work and the 100% commitment of all those involved. Considering that all those distinctions were won exclusively with serial production models, this delivers the best proof for the performance of all NorthSails products.

Unique features

There can be no victories without performance. Therefore, we primarily focus on sail performance. The decisive factor is not only the high-grade profiles, but in particular the details typical of NorthSails, for performance has a lot to do with the ideal trim. To allow everyone to mobilize the maximum sail power, we‘ve introduced „trimming tools“ such as, the unbeatable VTS, which shows exactly the point where the perfect downhaul tension is reached. Or the practical HTS for the best possible harness line positioning right at the beach. Or the easy-to-use scale for the correct boom height. Or, or, or,... it isn’t a coincidence that NorthSailsis considered the feature world champion among sail brands.


Because it´s Windsurf Technology