Extensions & Bases


2014, some unique products have exploded into our range! The focus is on our four brand new sails and a complete package of hardware components, these are the best and most advanced rig accessories we've ever made. This is the evidence that North Sails is not only the no.1 in sails but also the only true rig brand on the market.

In addition to sails almost every other brand today also offers masts, booms and accessories. These Invariable items are called OEM products that are easily purchased at either of the 2 Asian producers. That's why their products are so similar: a color change here, a new print there and done. This way development or even innovation is out of the question. This is a real shame! Specifically designed components offer so much development potential - not only in terms of comfort, but as well in performance and durability. We already recognized this over 30 years ago back when we were the first sail brand developing our own booms. We are still shaping the future of windsurfing and promoting the sport so together with the team our engineers and technicians have spent even more time on the new rig components for 2014. With some amazing results.


14_power_xt_2_0_detail_1.jpgPOWER.XT 2.0

The revolution continues! Hard to see, but true: 

The POWER.XT 2.0 has been completely redesigned.













The first and only extension on the market which is compatible with ALL sail brands and can be upgraded with the unique SHOX suspension.

In addition the UNI.XT is the lightest aluminum extension on earth!







14_ibase_detail_1.jpgiBASE 2.0

The lowest mast base system with central screw plus release option!