Overview 2015



S M A R T . C O M P A C T . R A N G E


For 2015 we have deliberately reduced our sail range. Where most brands every year will throw a vast amount of semi-developed sail lines onto the market. We instead focus on a clearly structured range, where each model is perfected in every size down to the smallest detail. It’s important to us to make your decision making process to find the perfectly matching sail as simple and accurate as possible. We make sure of this by only offering products that we are 100% sure have been extensively tried and tested.










   HERO / HERO M.E.15_new_2015.jpg           VOLT / VOLT HD                           IDOL LTD

15_hero_diff1.jpg                 15_volt_diff1.jpg                 15_idol_ltd_c05_copy_3.png  

                         4-Batten Wave                                             5-Batten Wave                                        Ultra-light Competition Freestyle


Differentiation Wave < > Freestyle sails






                    WARP F2015                             S_TYPE SL14_brand_new_logo.png                                       E_TYPE

15_warp_f2015_frei_2.png       15_s_type_sl_c02a.jpg       15_e_type_c02.png

                      World Cup Racing                                       Performance Switch.Cam                                   Performance No.Cam


Differentiation Race < > Freeride sails






                  DRIVE_GROM                                                    DRIVE_CLOTH

               14_drive_grom_cc02.jpg                                         14_drive_cloth_c01.png

                                           Kids                                                                                                  Schooling